The Millennium Method

Why create a new method?
  I adore quantum healing and awareness shifting. It saved my life and I have seen it change the lives of hundreds of clients and students. It is just so complicated or too crazy for the average human to understand. In a class of 60 people 1 or 2 would "get it". most basic modalities and touch therapies are just not strong enough to deal with our society's ever emerging super diseases. There seemed to be no middle ground.  I have always taught the concepts that it doesn't have to be difficult and that you are only limited by your imagination. Now, I can give people a tool that's simple but gives them access to some of the most complicated theology that we know.
How does it work??
All of the protocols that determine root causes of issues and determine neutrality are "downloaded" into the cards. When a card is "inserted" while touching the c1 vertebrae there is a shift in the morphic field.  This allows the body to heal itself or the issue to resolve. Like a computer reboot.

But can it work for me?

I have tested my method  in my clients. It has shifted every disease and disorder that I have used it on.  The possibilities are endless.


Do the cards work if you don't take the class?

No, the classes "attune you to your deck". These decks are specifically designed to only work when the "dealer" becomes congruent with them.  The "dealer' will then be able to deal the cards or intuitively access them to facilitate a session.The manuals for each level contain the information about each card(for all you left brainers!)


Why a deck of cards??

  In all of the methods I know you need to be neutral or not care about the outcome.  When I was working on myself or family this became difficult to do. It was a common complaint I heard from students. People were often confused by non-touch methods as they couldn't "feel anything"  in the moment. Clients would often ask me for card readings which I have done since I was very little. Everyone loved a good tarot or angel reading. I have always had an affinity for placing intentions into objects.I have taught people to do this with bath salts for years. One day it became clear that downloading all the info into cards was a fun,easy way to heal the mind body and soul.



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