The Millennium Method

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> the concept behind our high powered Spiritual Alchemy Sprays are to remind
>> the body's energy field of it's orginal"colour"blueprint. Restoring
>> balance to imbalances,in turn our body,mind and spirit can return to a
>> harmonic state
>> Matter,such as our physical body isorganized by waveforms and frequencies.
>> Resonance is the basic principle that similar vibrations will naturally
>> vibrate together. These spiritual sprays work to transform your inner life
>> by influencing your energetic system with a force that has a frequency to
>> its own naturalhealthy frequency. Use to groud or uplift your energy and
>> to enhance your mood and emotions.
>> These high powered Alchemy sprays are made with holy water,essential
>> oils,alchemy essences and vibrational frequencies(programmed using
>> crystals,sound,colour,planets,sacred geometry and other energies found in
>> nature) contains corresponding gemstones) Simply mist your aura with the
>> spray you are drawn to at the moment or based onyour energy needs at the
>> time. Also can be used to vhange the energy in a room and to program
>> gemstones.
>> this all encompassing spiritual spray contains all the vibrations of the
>> rainbow-prism ower in a bottle!
>> White light was made to raise your personal vibration by balancing all
>> your chakras simultaneously and in a dafe manner. This spray is ideal for
>> all types of practitioners (especially energy workers),prior to giving a
>> treatment. White light supports energy transformation and illumination.
>> Use to attract prosperity and wealth into your life
>> White light represents the balance of power between all aspects of your
>> being bringing about a higher state of consciousness by uniting your
>> cosmic consciousness with your lower consciousness.
>> contains sunstone and moonstone ..also used for protection and to charge
>> and illuminate crystals and spaces with "light"energy
>> Root Chakra _ use to bring strength and vitality into your
>> physical,mental,emotional and spitirtual layers of your aura. Increase
>> your driving force by stimulating your mudlahara centre. This spray will
>> help to empower your spirit and make you feel more connected to life.
>> Builds up courage and personal independance
>> Sacral Chakra
>> spray this liquid happiness above your head and feel your aura shimmer
>> with delight! the essences used in this recipe will naturally uplift your
>> spirit,especially in times of hardship. Orange energy stimulates your
>> emotions so that you feel more enthusiastic and confident
>> Solar Plexus Chakra
>> This light and spiritually uplifting spray helps to move the emotional
>> energy of the sacral chakra through the ego centre and upwards to the
>> heart. The essence in this spray will enhance feelings of positivity and
>> optimism
>> Heart Chakra
>> Use this loving spiritual spray to connect you to Divine Love and Light.
>> Beneficial to help release feelings of Guilt ,resentment,blame etc..all
>> unresolved heartfelt issues
>> Throat Chakra
>> Increase your communication abilities by spritzing your aura several times
>> a day with this potent rememdy. This refreshing spray is helpful to clear
>> old thought patterns, inspiring higher ideals
>> Brow chakra
>> this essence connects you to inner wisdom and guidance. Spray
>> generously,inhaling the aroma while asking spirit to show you the way.
>> feel the power of your third eye and intuition linking you with source.
>> Crown chakra this empowering spray will assist you to unite the trinity of
>> your body,mind and spirit. This essence will help you to see the beauty of
>> life
>> rainbow serpent
>> this incredible Alchemy essence was created to awaken the kundalini
>> (serpent) energy. Often our vital energy lies dormant at the base of the
>> spine until it's called into action This spray essence can also help to
>> bring about a deep alignment of the chakras,releasing any hindrances that
>> may be slowing one's growth
Aura cleanser essence spray _high powered vibrational spray will help rid your aura or space of lower frequencies. A smokeless smudge

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